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Tuesday, February 03, 2004  
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I am Back with Fresh and even more Nihilistic ideas.

Look at the fools in Iran running around the rotten religion as the rot and so they brains.
They are so called reformers. Reformers to WHAT ?

There is a point when one says enough to something. when you see a peice of S**t you dont hop on the thing and dance, one probably steps over it and moves on. People you have been HOPPING on the SHIT for 25 F**king years. ENOUGH is too little to say.

11:29 PM

Monday, July 07, 2003  
Uprising ?
Well we have two more days until 9th of July. Is it going to be another uprising like the one 4 years ago ? I don't think so. But I am counting on people and students to show the gov what they want. One imortant thing is that there is no real substitute for the regime and that is because of the their intelligence ministries plans which basically got rid of almost all the opposition forces one way or another. I must admit that this is indeed very smart of a bunch of religious morons but I do think at higher levels of their planning they have some real power hungry maniacs planning ahead of time.

On the other hand we have our average people in Iran who want to oppose a religious government by FASTING !! (which is indeed super religious) by the way I am using this word too much. This is like you are a smoker and you want to fight against smoking by soming more tobacco !!!! way to go idiots.

The bottom line is until people realize that the source of the conflict is not the Islamic Republic but their own belief system nothing will change.

And so at the end of the day the student who was beaten brutally by the Islamic Gorillas went to mosque to pray for the so called Allah to lead to the right direction.

God(Allah) is the purest deception of them all.

2:56 PM

Saturday, June 21, 2003  
And in the end of the day when they had fireworks in the theme park. I turned to Mohammad and told him, you know why can't we have fun just like these people in our countries? He just gave me an empty look and said I guess it's all about religion huh ? I had the same idea. Isl... specially is a brutal religion that does not and will not allow for any fun or happiness. It is a big and old sacrifice for a brutal dictator called god. I think God is dead, really he died a long long time ago...
1:18 PM

Monday, June 16, 2003  
It has been a very long time since I left this blog alone.
It was mostly because I am a little lazy when it comes to write also, I had a ton of studying and exams for the school.
Any way, one of the reasons that I decided to start writing again is the recent protests in Iran specially Tehran.
I used to be a student in Sharif Univeristyof Technology (formerly known as Aryamehr University of Technology).
Also I remember those days that everything was dark and people were deprssed and didn't know the reason for it.

Guess what, the reason for your depression is religion baby !! The worst of them all.
What makes me happy is now students and people have realized what real Islam is and so I hope that this time they will get rid of it !!
Huh, a good wish ...

10:55 PM

Monday, April 21, 2003  
The link on the right is a new one.
Recently (about 2 days ago) an Iranian blogger/journalist was arrested. I hope at least the bloggers community can do something about this.

9:58 AM

Sunday, April 20, 2003  
Today was easter and we went to my wife's family easter union.
I was asked that since I don't believe in any religion then how come I am celebrating easter ?
Answer: Unlike religious extremists I believe that any reason that makes everybody happy and you see a couple of smiling faces is good enough to celebrate and that's why I celebrate easter.

7:39 PM

Saturday, April 19, 2003  
I just remembered the time that I used to read almost all of Erich von Daniken's books about alien visitors to the planet earth in the past. Most of his books were banned in Iran at the time when I developed interest in this subject so I had to buy it from black market where it was much more expensive and the prints were in poor condition. Sometimes even a dozen of pages were totally unreadable.

Here is the link:

Erich von Daniken's web page

8:19 PM

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